Automated Configuration Management

Automated configuration management helps you improve and innovate

Automated configuration management eliminates a lot of manual work, and creates greater dependability and predictability. You specify the configurations, and the configuration management (CM) system continually brings servers back to the state you defined. Updates, status checks and remediation are all done much faster, and if the software includes robust reporting, failed changes and incorrect configurations will be pinpointed for you. If, for example, a junior sysadmin installs a package outside of normal channels, or edits a configuration file, these changes will be detected, logged, and reverted. In the case of a CM solution like Puppet, you can also choose to run in “no-op” mode if you just want an audit and report on the system, and you don’t want changes made automatically.

Sysadmins get:

  • Visibility into the state of the overall system, and each component of it
  • Faster identification of problems, and faster remediation
  • Efficiency in performing regular maintenance
  • Documentation, so fixes and updates can be referenced and repeated
  • An end to 3:00 am emergency calls
  • Time freed up to think about, and do, more strategic work

IT managers get:

  • Visibility into what the IT team is doing: maintenance, remediation, provisioning
  • Faster time to recovery, so greater satisfaction for internal and external customers more efficient, predictable operations
  • Better ability to plan
  • Better ability to report to other teams in the company The entire company gets:
  • More stable and dependable systems and software to work on
  • Faster service from IT when things need to be installed or fixed
  • The ability to expand IT services while containing costs
  • The confidence to make changes more quickly and learn from market response

Quality assurance and test engineers get:

  • The confidence that they’re testing code in an environment that’s identical to where the code was created and where it will finally run

Customers (the people who pay us!) get:

  • Better products, better services, faster innovation and better response to their needs